INVNT takes VIP Ferrari customers for a ride of a lifetime

Facing challenges from the Covid-19 lockdown, Ferrari adapted its new vehicle launch plans for the Roma model. To overcome restrictions on live experiences and test drives, a unique virtual reality and sensorial experience was crafted. This allowed VIP customers to immerse themselves in a true Roma experience and virtually test drive the car from the comfort of their homes. Using VR technology, Ferrari transformed empty city streets into virtual test tracks, enabling customers to explore the Roma’s features remotely. The immersive experience covered iconic locations such as Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, and more. The virtual tour concluded at a Ferrari showroom, extending an invitation for customers to book a Covid-safe, in-person test drive. This innovative approach not only addressed the challenges posed by the pandemic but also provided an engaging and enticing way for potential buyers to connect with the new Roma model.


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