From magic to immersion, experiential marketing gets an AI upgrade

Through never-before-seen activations to events where the boundaries between digital and physical worlds blur, AI tools are fast pushing the limits of what experiential marketers can achieve. Scott Cullather, President & CEO, INVNT GROUP, and CEO, INVNT.ATOM shares his thoughts with Campaign Asia.

Utilising AI algorithms and predictive analytics to synthesise audience data and insights, brands and organisations are now able to create highly personalised Web3 campaigns,” says Scott Cullather, President and CEO of  Global Live Brand Storytelling Agency [INVNT GROUP]. “These Web3 campaigns are backed by user behaviour data that will support experiences that deliver exclusive utilities, NFTs, and content that authentically resonates with a brand’s audience – driving maximum impact and engagement.”

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Gorillaz debut an AR YouTube experience at Coachella this year with a seemingly real-time AR installation that levelled up their live set for at-home viewers. Photo: Coachella

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