Happy new half year! Where is brand experience headed for the second half of 2023?

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, brand experience is a crucial differentiating factor for businesses. Brands that can deliver exceptional, consistent, and memorable experiences will stand out and attract loyal customers.

So, as we mark the middle of the year, let’s take stock of brand experience — and identify the keytakeaways for brand experience in 2023. 

Emerging brand identity trends  

Over the past decade, branding has evolved to be minimal, flat and iconic. The simpler, the better. Now, rather than dropping text and focusing on cleaner lines, brands are celebrating their heritage — in all its complexity.

The biggest example is Burberry’s new logo, an exciting design trend that will influence how the brand presents itself across its entire portfolio. 

Since a clear and well-defined brand identity sets the foundation for brand experience, these trends signal a return to glory for vintage looks that celebrate heritage. This will likely extend into consumer desire for similar heritage-driven experiences that emphasize history over minimalism. 

Takeaway: As design becomes less flat and one-dimensional, bleeding-edge brands will focus on fun, heritage and adventurousness.

Mixed reality to the forefront

While Apple’s VisionPro mixed reality headset doesn’t arrive until next year, consumers are increasingly aware of interactive experiences thanks to the brand’s keynote event. 

Consider integrating Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies into your brand experience in 2023. These technologies can also deepen engagement by allowing consumers to visualize products, explore virtual showrooms, or immerse themselves in interactive experiences that people want to share with their friends on social media. 

Our interactive Activation at Advertising Week APAC showcased future-forward thinking through our utilisation of a custom Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Experience, driving 724 AWAPAC attendees through an artistic collaboration with artists Bianca Beers and Happy Decay.

Takeaway: Static experiences are so last year. Embed interactive, immersive moments wherever possible. 

Omnichannel personalization at scale 

Brands will continue to strive for cohesive experiences across multiple touchpoints, whether it’s online, in-store, or through other channels. Integrating these channels effectively will enhance the overall brand experience.

With just 6 months left until the new year, now is the time to plan how your brand can provide personalization at scale in 2024. 

Top brands are increasingly focusing on delivering personalized experiences to engage customers on an individual level. This could involve tailored content, customized products, or personalized recommendations based on consumer preferences and behaviors.

Takeaway: Start now with transformation efforts required to deliver personalization at scale  

Spotlight on authentic sustainability 

Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact of their purchase behavior. That means that your brand’s sustainability practices may come under scrutiny for greenwashing — and should be considered at every brand experience touchpoint. 

As consumers become more conscious of sustainability and ethical practices, brands will need to prioritize these values in their experiences. Transparent and responsible actions can help build trust and loyalty among customers — just be sure to live up to the expectations you set. The backlash can be swift and fierce for brands that are all hype and no action. 

Takeaway: Greenwashing isn’t tolerated — especially among Gen Z. 

Influencer partnerships under careful watch

The recent drama with Shein in which influencers were hosted at a Chinese Factory trip, attempted to combat negative brand perception through paid influencers howeveremphasised the care that brands must take when engaging influencers. 

Under the watchful eye of ever-vigilant consumers, brands risk making a damaging misstep when improperly aligning influencers and brand. The Shein situation gave us all a very real lesson in 

Takeaway: Carefully review all paid influencer partnerships for authenticity and alignment with core values. 

Looking ahead

One thing is certain: Placing the customer at the center of the brand experience is vital for building an emotional connection with your current community and future fans. 

Brands that evoke positive emotions and forge meaningful connections tend to create long-lasting loyalty and advocacy — and that’s never going to change. So get out there and create a brand experience in 2023 that prioritizes creativity, collaboration and interactivity. Let’s go!

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