INVNT throws a “Choose your own adventure” experience at the Heartbreak High World Premiere

INVNT partnered with Netflix Australia to launch the original series Heartbreak High with a standout event. The aim was to create a unique venue celebrating the show’s themes and diverse cast.

Guests received a school map and timetable, exploring interactive spaces and preview screenings. DJs and live performances kicked off the event, followed by an all-class assembly introducing the new cast.

INVNT secured a venue for 750 attendees, ensuring safety for neurodivergent cast members and creating an immersive environment with content capture points. A sensory room was provided for those with sensory needs, promoting event accessibility.

Heartbreak High garnered global acclaim for its authentic representation. A week after the premiere, it reached the top 10 TV shows in 43 countries, holding the number one spot in Australia for two weeks.


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