Summit for the future with UNICEF innovation at SXSW Sydney

In collaboration with UNICEF Office of Innovation and SXSW Sydney, the NxtWave Futures Lab – Summit For The Future was launched, empowering 18-25 year-old leaders to actively shape the future. The immersive summit provided a hands-on environment, kickstarting a journey toward the future and inspiring a commitment to digital equity and safety. During the 1-Day event, young participants contributed ideas for a more inclusive and secure digital landscape, slated to become part of the UN Global Digital Compact at the 2024 Summit of the Future in New York. This initiative was complemented by a 4-day immersive gallery at the SXSW Sydney Expo Hall aiming to forge emotional connections and garner support for UNICEF’s mission, showcasing the positive use of technology in a non-traditional manner.


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