INVNT brought together the world’s most influential delegates at the pivotal 2023 COP28 UN Climate Change Conference

Heralding a momentous opportunity for global transformation towards a brighter future, as champions of change, we orchestrated impactful activations such as Stella McCartney’s Sustainable Market, The Tree of Life, and The Puppet Parade, igniting awareness and fostering engagement on an international scale.

 Teaming up with Stella McCartney, INVNT curated the Sustainable Market within the COP28 arena, dedicated to advancing sustainable practices and ecological responsibility within the fashion industry.

 Moreover, we introduced the captivating ‘Tree of Life,’ an interactive art installation leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to inspire leaders and the public alike to pledge their commitment to shaping a sustainable tomorrow, resonating with the timeless symbolism of the Gaff tree.

 At the heart of our initiative was a mesmerizing large-scale interactive performance, uniting audiences around the world with a narrative inspired by COP28’s core message: “UNITE. ACT. DELIVER.” Through larger-than-life characters and immersive storytelling, we celebrated our collective connection to the planet, reinforcing the imperative of unified action towards a sustainable future.


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