We’re an experience agency for brand pioneers. We challenge convention and break new ground through extraordinary storytelling, craft and technology.

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We’re all about creating the moments that matter. From in-person brand experiences, to memories made in the metaverse, our work is anchored by storytelling, and driven by innovation.

In-person brand experiences are back and more important than ever. From moments in the metaverse to conferences, fan events to pilates in the sky – we’ll ideate a solution to any brand problem through our award-winning in-person experiences, leaving your audiences with memories that will stick around for a lifetime.

Looking to dive into the world of Web3? Often daunting but very rewarding, our digital innovation arm INVNT.ATOM will guide you through the ins and outs of Web3, AI, and the Metaverse for those looking to cultivate community and create impactful and innovative brand experiences in this exciting digital era.

We’re all about hybrid brand experiences, with in-person and the virtual working hand in hand. We’re here to help you explore and activate integrated campaigns that will drive data-backed return on investment whilst activating an expansive, hyper-focused audience for your brand.

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INVNT APAC is a diverse and fast-growing group with well-established roots in our New York City headquarters. While global, we also live and work locally, with our APAC offices in Sydney and Singapore.

We’re here to challenge the traditional agency mould. Our team is a mixed breed of talent, bringing a range of expertise from areas such as music, fashion, web3, advertising and design.

Have a challenger mindset? Aware of the current opportunities in emerging technologies and shifting consumer behaviours? It sounds like we’re a perfect match. Let’s chat.

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