SXSW Sydney: A Brand’s Guide to Daring Excellence

Written by Brett Johns, Associate Creative Director at INVNT APAC

For the first time, Sydney opened its arms to welcome SXSW down under. Amongst the stew of buzzwords and fleeting trends, SXSW Sydney is the event that defies conformity and dares to challenge the very essence of creativity and innovation. It’s a festival for thought leaders, artists, pioneering brands and big ideas.

As we played out the week showcasing a mixed breed of talent and experiences while hosting The Discovery Stage, we gathered many insights along the way! Here’s a sneak peek behind the scenes and our secret sauce for delivering a SXSW-worthy experience amongst the world’s best.

1: Master Your Bread and Butter

SXSW Sydney is a smorgasbord of creativity. From keynote speakers and interactive workshops to film premieres and music showcases, it’s a sensory overload. But, like any creative endeavour, success begins with mastering the basics. Don’t be something you’re not, and ground yourself in what you’re good at – authenticity always wins.

2: We’re Not for Everyone

What sets SXSW Sydney apart is its daring spirit and its refusal to cater to the status quo. It’s an event not for those who dare to challenge conventions. Don’t try to please everyone. Curate distinctive experiences designed for a specific audience.

LYDS – Experimental Performance Artist

3: Keeping Up Is No Way to Show Up

SXSW Sydney is a place where innovation takes centre stage. It’s not enough to simply show up. Lead with disruption.. Adopt a Challenge Everything mindset and seek to deliver experiences that push the boundaries rather than follow them. “Good enough” is not good enough at SXSW Sydney.

On stage with Scott Cullather and Ash Chang – a candid conversation on Fandom, culture, and spending power

4: In With the New

Change is the only constant, and SXSW is a testament to that truth. Treat the event as an invitation to present new, innovative, and emerging voices and ideas that disrupt the everyday and have the potential to propel us into a future filled with exciting possibilities.

Australian Musician Daniel Stricker, Betty from Deadfellaz, Scott Cullather, and Kerry Murphy from The Fabricant

5: Challenge Everything

Innovation thrives on challenging norms, sparking fresh ideas, and disrupting the status quo. The core of SXSW Sydney lies in its thought-provoking experiences and conversations. It’s a time to celebrate different perspectives and new ways of thinking, so have fun and push the needle. 

Agency Evolution: Balancing Innovation and tradition

In the end, our secret sauce is not just a recipe; it’s a method that grounds our approach to the experiences we develop at INVNT APAC. For those who enjoyed The Discovery Stage this year, thank you for joining us.

SXSW Sydney 2023 was the start of something very special, and we can’t wait to see SXSW do its thing in 2024 – see you there!

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