Xerocon 2024 kicks off with the Glastonbury for accountants!

It’s that time of the year again, as the accounting and bookkeeping community gather for the biggest community celebration of the year – Xerocon. This year will champion the two regions of London and Nashville, providing Xero’s community of accountants and bookkeepers from across the UK, Europe, South Africa and beyond, with a chance to share achievements, hear the latest about the platform and be immersed in exciting blend of industry insights, world class speakers, and networking with a community of forward-thinking peers.

 Some highlights of Xerocon London included…

The Pitch: Celebrating Football with the London City Lionesses

The Pitch was a vibrant celebration of the UK’s love for football, brought to life through Xero’s partnership with the London City Lionesses. This active space allowed the Lionesses to showcase their skills, while the Xero community engaged in friendly matches and meet-and-greet sessions with FIFA legends. More than just a sports zone, The Pitch became a dynamic community hub where networking and a shared passion for football thrived.

Glam Salon and Luxe Lounge Activations

The Xero Community had the opportunity to step into a zenzone at Xerocon, a sensory oasis that served as a serene and secure space for anyone feeling overwhelmed during the event. Here, attendees found solace, took moments to relax and recharge, and indulged in the Glam Salon and Luxe Lounge for fresh cuts, blow waves, and nail services.

AI Music Factory – Injecting innovation into Xerocon 2024

At Xerocon, the Xero AI Music Factory offered an innovative activation designed to make AI both accessible and entertaining. This cutting-edge tool transformed text into stunning images and produced high-quality content swiftly. The Xero Community created their own avatars, band names, songs, and album covers. The journey began with a photo and questionnaire, tailoring the output to each attendee’s preferences. The GenAI tool then wove these elements into a cohesive artistic expression, delivering a 10-second tune and album cover within 30 seconds. Attendees also took home customized vinyl records, creating tangible mementos of their unique experience at Xerocon.

A quintessentially British line-up speakers, musicians, and performances

On the main stage, we saw guest performances from the likes of Jason Bourne from The Gadget Show, musician Shocka, British Author Sam Conniff, and more.

A “Glam Rock” themed party to remember

Xerocon attendees stepped into a world of British subculture, filled with glitter, glamour, and rock ‘n’ roll rebellion. The event celebrated the extravagant style of London in the early 1970s, inviting everyone to unleash their inner rock star. With the iconic sounds of T. Rex and David Bowie filling the air, the party became a dazzling spectacle.

The second installation of Xerocon 2024 will be held in Nashville next, with more surprises and opportunities for the bookkeeping and accounting community to connect, and learn together. See you in August!

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