Embodying ‘together’: Xerocon goes global but remains local

The global small business accounting platform Xero operates in a crowded market focusing on small to medium-sized businesses. The brand subsequently wanted to offer its users something different and more memorable than its competitor’s product-focused efforts. 

We uncovered that accounting is often far from memorable and often feels like a chore rather than an enjoyment. We flipped the idea of an accounting conference to create an accounting party. We called the event Xerocon, a colourful, energised, heart-pounding occasion quickly labelled by the media as the Coachella for Accountants.

After three years of the pandemic, Xerocon 2022 went around the world with three events held across the globe in London, New Orleans and Sydney. We championed the theme of ‘togetherness’, bringing each local region together by celebrating its uniqueness through the content, design, food and entertainment. Across the three events, we delivered over 150 speaker sessions, 60 educational sessions and 18 activations across 12 stages globally – all within 6 weeks. 


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OUT events for London and Sydney

“Seeing how INVNT® could weave the identity through their brand experience design of stage, exhibition, and the wrap party was an example in collaboration, precision execution at scale and some damn fun ideas,”
Peter Montgomery, Creative Director of Xero
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